Kythnos island

Kythnos Island

Kythnos island (also called Thermia – due to its hot springs) is one of those Cyclades islands closest to Attica, it remains one of the less known areas of the Aegean. Merichas – the port of the island, Chora – the capital, Loutra and Dryopida are in the northern part. The southern part of the island is almost uninhabited, the only exception being the area of Panagia Kanala and the small bay of Agios Dimitrios. The island has 65 lovely beaches (dirt roads leading to most of them) and typical Cyclades landscapes with bare and dry hills, surrounded by dry stone walls stretching for many kilometres.

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Kythnos island

1. Chora Messaria

Chora, also known as Mesaria, is the capital town of Kythnos island, its houses are on a hillside as if in an amphitheatre. This is one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades islands, an enchanting aggregate of snow-white houses, narrow stone- laid streets, whitewashed terraces and several small churches and windmills.

2. Loutra (Baths)

Loutra is the island’s most popular and modern resort. The area is famous for its hot springs that are unique in all Cyclades islands and their therapeutic properties have been known since ancient times. There are two hot springs: Agioi Anargyroi spring, located in a spa, and the Spring of Caucasus, situated 50 m. away from the first one, its temperature reaching 52° C. Loutra is the location of the mediaeval capital town of Kythnos, destroyed by the Turks around 1570. In the greater Kefalokastro area you can see the ruins of Oria Castle, in a spectacular natural setting. Distance from Chora: 5.5 km N.

3. Merichas

Merichas is a picturesque village and the island’s port. It is a protected cove next to a beautiful sandy beach. Distance from Chora: 7 km SW.

4. Dryopida

Dryopida is located on the southern side of Kythnos island. The area has been inhabited since the ancient times by the Dryopians, the island’s first settlers, and has kept its old name. It is a traditional and particularly picturesque village, with two-storeyed houses, and ceramic tile roofs. Distance from Chora: 12 km S.

5. Panagia Kanala

A coastal village which is around the island’s only pine forest. The area’s name is after the church of Panagia Kanala, the island’s patron saint. It is built in a magnificent location and its architectural style is exceptional. According to tradition, the icon of Panagia was found in a canal and is said to have been painted by Luke the Apostle. The most likely version, however, is that it was painted by the Cretan artist Antonis Skordilis. Distance from Chora: 17.5 km S.

6. Agios Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios is a small village by the sea, near Panagia Kanala, built in a beautiful location with lovely beaches. Distance from Chora: 24 km S.

Quick must seeVryokastro, the ancient capital of Kythnos, in the Apokrisi area, 7.5 km W. Towards the coastal side, traces can be seen of the ancient town’s agora (market place). There are also ruins of walls, foundations of temples, altars and three caves that were used as cisterns for collecting water.

Activities in Kythnos

1. Water sports. You can find a lot of water sports in Kea island. It makes sense in an island.

2. Spear Fishing. If you have the itch to spear fish, the deep and blue waters of Kythnos are ideal for it.

3. Wind surfing. Kythnos is ideal for wind surfing, the sea is amazing and the wind is pretty powerful.

4. Dirt bike riding. For any extreme sport lovers it is a must. There are a lot of mountain paths in Kythnos that serve the purpose.

5. Visiting the hot springs. If you enjoy a sweet relaxation in hot springs, then Kythnos is your best option

6. Swimming at Kolona, Agios Dimitrios, the beaches of Merichas and Martinakia. Try also Kalo Livadi, Antonides, Gaidouromantra, Si Mou Si, Skylou, Flampouria, Alyki.

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Useful phone numbers in Kythnos

Kythnos Municipal office: 22813-61.100, Dryopida Community office: 22810-32.230, Municipal Tourist Office: 22810-32.250 ,Police station: 22810-31.201, Rural Medical, Clinic: 22810-31202 • Port Authority: 22810-32.290, Hot springs (Baths): 22810-31.217, 22810-31.460

Country code: +30

What to visit in Kythnos island

1. Kolona, (3 km W. of Chora), a lovely location with extensive sandy beaches. It’s name is after the characteristic strip of sand (Kolona meaning column / strip) connecting the small island of Agios Loukas with Kythnos. On the small island you can see the ruins of an ancient settlement.

2. Agios Georgios’ church and the small church of Stavros (Cross).

3. The small church of Agioi Akindynoi, offering a beautiful view of the harbour.

4. Faros (lighthouse), at the harbour’s entrance.

5. The small Byzantine Museum housed in Agios Georgios’ church.

6. Agia Eirini’s country chapel, overlooking the village.

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