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01 How can one travel to Greece?

Greece welcomes visitors applying advanced health protection protocols. Greek Tourism operates with the maximum safety possible, for tourists, employees and every person involved in the provision of tourist services.

02 What are the health protocols for the people working in the tourism sector?

Employees in the Greek tourism sector are being vaccinated with the general population, according to government planning. Until they are vaccinated, all employees are required to undergo COVID-19 tests at the frequency set by the current Joint Ministerial Decision, as in force. In addition, they are encouraged to test even more frequently to ensure timely isolation.

03 What will apply to guests during their stay?

During their stay in Greece, foreign visitors must follow all measures that apply to Greek citizens.
As of 01.06.2022, face mask requirement in indoor areas is lifted. It only remains mandatory for all passengers, except children under the age of 4 and those with respiratory problems, on local public transport (city busses, metro, tram) and in those areas of cruise ships, pleasure boats, yachts and ferries where the use of mask is required, according to the relevant health protocols.

04 Are there business activity health protocols in force?

The Greek Ministry of Tourism has released specific Health Protocols against COVID-19 to be applied by all Greek tourism enterprises for their safe operation in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and has introduced the National “Health First” certification seal for tourist accommodation establishments that comply with the relevant requirements.
Health Protocols apply to all Greek tourism enterprises that wish to continue operation during the pandemic and aim to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission to employees and customers.

05 Can I quarantine at my hotel if I am diagnosed with COVID-19?

Visitors who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 upon arrival can optionally isolate at their booked hotel, as long as the length of their stay at the hotel covers the isolation period.

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