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Kimolos island

Kimolos island is part of the group of the western Cyclades, and is located next to Milos. Despite its small size (area: 39 sq. km, coastline: 38 km and population: 770), it possesses numerous sites that are worth visiting. It is a volcanic island with a startling variety of rock formations, such as bentonite (or chalk land), a type of primary rock that was used to make porcelain. Kimolos consists of lovely beaches of fine sand and pebbles in small picturesque coves. The Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus takes refuge on its shores. Kimolos’ history has always been connected to Milos, having shared its fate.

A map of kimolos island
kimolos island village

1. Chorio Kimolou

The capital town of the island is includes of two settlements, the Old and the New Village (Chorio). Built around the original nucleus of the mediaeval castle, the Old Village bears all the features of the Cyclades architectural style and is particularly picturesque. In the original castle  the houses formed the outer wall and had windows – embrasures. The islanders used to hide in the castle during the pirate years up until the Second World War. The New Village was built in the 17th century on the outer side of the castle, and extended around the Old Village, with square austere buildings, unlike the domes and arches typical of the Old Village’s buildings.

2. Alyki – Kalamitsi

Alyki and Kalamitsi are resort villages in the island’s southern side with gorgeous beaches. Distance from Chorio: 1.5 and 3.5 km respectively, SW.

3. Psathi

It is the island’s port and yet another beautiful Cyclades village with white houses, narrow alleys paved with cobblestones, small lodges for sheltering boats and yards with flower beds. Distance from Chorio: 1.5 km S.

Quick must see – The Folk Art & Maritime Museum housed in a restored dwelling in the mediaeval castle. It displays the collection of every day life objects donated by the physician Manolis Christoulakis.

Activities in Kimolos island

1. Diving and Fishing

2. Bathing in sulphur hot springs located in Prassa. 

3. Shopping Kimolos has a variety of traditional shops where you can buy gifts for your loved ones back home.

4. Hiking following the route from Chorio Kimolou to Xaplovouni – Agios Nikolaos – Goupa-Kara, towards Skiadi – Mavrospilaia beach, towards Palaiokastro – Klima, towards Monastiria – Soufi and to Ellinika.

5. Swimming in Psathi, Goupa-Kara, Klima, Livadaki, Deka, Pigados, Prassa, Agios Georgios, Vromolimno, Alyki, Bonatsa, Kalamitsi, Fykiada, and Mavrospilaia. Take the local excursion boat to Lakos, Athinia, Therma, Agioklima, Soufi, Monastiria and to Polyaigos island.

Useful phone numbers in Kimolos

Country code: +30

1. Kimolos Municipal Office: 22870-51.767

2. Police station: 22870-51.205

3. Rural Health Centre: 22870-51.767

4. Port Authority: 22870-51.767

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What to visit in Kimolos island

1. The ancient town in Ellinika (go by boat from Psathi’s port, 5 km W), where a necropolis (cemetery) was found with tombs dug in the rock.

2. The Archaeological Museum with finds from excavations in “Ellinika” location, covering the period from the Mycenaean up to the Hellenistic times.

3. The churches of Panagia Eleousa (1653), Panagia “I Koimisi”(Dormition) (1593), having floors with folk art decorations and the Sacred Altar situated in the exact location of an ancient altar, Agios Nikolaos (1566) and Agios Ioannis Theologos (1617).

4. The churches of Panagia Eleoussa, Agios Nikolaos (17th c.) Agios Georgios (with 17th century icons), Agioi Anargyroi, Taxiarches (Archangels), Zoodochos Pigi (Life Giving Fountain), Agios Spyridonas, Saranta Martyres (Forty Martyrs), Agios Chrysostomos and Evangelistria (1608).

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