The Donousa village in Greece

Donousa island

Donousa island is the northernmost island of the Small Eastern Cyclades group of islands. It is located east of Naxos and north of Amorgos. The island’s area is 13.5 sq. km and there are many bays with gorgeous sandy beaches nestled among them. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a quiet holiday. According to mythology, Dionysus hid Ariadne in Donousa, so that Theseus would not find her. A settlement dating to the geometric period as well as remains of Bronze Age dwellings have been excavated on the island. There are 140 inhabitants in four beautiful villages: Donousa or Stavros (the biggest village being also the island’s port), Mersini, Charavgi (or Mesaria) and Kalotaritissa.

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1. Donousa village

It is a picturesque village built according to the typical Cycladic architectural style, and located on the south-western tip of the island, in a bay sheltered from the wind.

Quick must see – The churches of: a) Timios Stavros (Holy Cross), being the island’s patron saint, b) Panagia and c) Agios Ioannis (1892). The sunset views from all three locations are amazing.

The Donousa village in Greece
Donousa village

Events in Donousa

1. Panagia’s Feast on August 15th.

2. Stavros’ (Holy Cross) Feast on September 14th.

3. Agia Sofia’s Feast, on September 17th.

Activities in Donousa island

1. Diving

2. Spear fishing.

3. Mountain biking

4. Hiking, setting off at Donousa (Stavros) towards Kalotaritissa and off Kedros towards Charavgi (Mesaria).

5. Swimming at Ammoudi, Limni, at the sandy beach close to the harbour, at Kedros, Vathy Limenari, Livadi, Fykio, Vatos, Kalotaritissa (Sapounochoma and Mesa Ammos), Trypiti and Skoulonisi.

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What to visit in Donousa island

1. The ruins of a settlement dating back to the Geometric Period and a cemetery, located on a hillock at Vathy Limenari bay.

2. Spilia tou Toichou (Cave of the Wall) with stalactites, situated on the northwestern part of the island (access by excursion boat).

3. Fokospilia, on the island’s east coast.

Useful phone numbers in Donousa

1. Community office: 22850-51.600

2. Rural Medical Clinic: 22850-51.506

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