Palaiopoli village in Andros

Andros island

Andros island is the northernmost island of the Cyclades, with great seafaring tradition. There are sandy beaches, rocky coasts, and mountain ranges alternating with fertile plains, lush vegetation and many streams. Andros has always been seen as a gateway to the Aegean Sea. The island area is 400 sq. km, the coastline is 177 km and the population amounts to 10,000. In antiquity it was a remarkably well organised society with high cultural standards. In the 7th century BC, its residents founded extensive colonies in Macedonia. The Venetians occupied Andros until 1566 when the Turks conquered it. In 1790, the fleet led by Lampros Katsonis clashed with Turkish forces and suffered great destruction near the island’s north-west shores, at Kafireas strait. Andros took part in the 1821 Greek Independence War. One of the prominent personalities of the time was the scholar Theophilos Kairis.

Map of Andros
Map of Andros. Locations' information are numbered in this map
Chora Androu
The cityscape view of Chora Androu
Batsi Androu
The village of Batsi in Andros
Palaiopoli village in Andros
Palaiopoli village in Andros
Ormos-Korthiou Andros beach
Grias to Pidima beach in Ormos-Korthiou Andros

1. Chora Androu

The capital town of Andros is located on the east part of the island. It is a town with a noble character. The mediaeval, neoclassical island houses, the impressive buildings and wide steps along the alleys, the tree-lined spacious square, the narrow streets, remarkable churches and museums, shops, cafés and restaurants create a charming picture. It is the homeland of famous sea captains and ship-owners.

2. Stenies

Stenies is a beautiful village and the homeland of many sea captains and shipowners, with its houses surrounded by thick green foliage and fruit trees. Bisti-Mouvela tower stands out as one of the few remaining fortified residences in Andros. The beach of Gialia is located within a short distance; notice the river estuary in the middle of it. Distance from Chora: 4.5 km NW.

3. Apoikia

Apoikia is well known for its Sariza spring, and is surrounded by lush vegetation and many streams. There is a famous brand water bottling factory in the village. Distance from Chora: 6 km NW. Distance from Apollonia: about 1 km S

4. Batsi

Batsi is a village that is very popular among holidaymakers, built on the semicircle around the bay with the sandy beach. Fishing and excursion boats drop anchor in its port. Distance from Chora: 22 km W.

5. Gavrio

The port of Gavrio has been built in an area that has been populated since antiquity. Along the waterfront, there are popular coffee bars, restaurants and tavernas. Distance from Chora: 32 km NW.

6. Ammolochos

Ammolochos is an old mountain village, spread out across the NW part of the island. There is a story that this was the native village of Samuel, a legendary monk, who met a heroic death, together with Souliotes (Souliótēs) (inhabitants of Souli village), in Kougki, Thesprotia in 1803. Distance from Chora: 42.5 km NW.

7. Mesaria

Mesaria is one of the most beautiful inland villages of Andros. During the Byzantine period and after that, it was the hub of the island life, as it was situated at a distance from the unsafe coastline, due to pirate raids. Distance from Chora: 4.5 km SW.

8. Menites

Menites is a green village, built in an area of wonderful natural environment, rivers and centuriesold trees. Distance from Chora: 5 km SW.

9. Palaiopoli

Palaiopoli is a village built in an amphitheatrical formation, affording a magnificent view of the Aegean. It is situated at the site of ancient Andros town, the administrative centre of the island from the 6th century BC until the 6th century AD. Within the greater Palaiopoli area you will find the prehistoric settlement of Plaka, the village of Zagora dating back to the Geometric Period and the fortified settlement of the Neolithic period (4500-3300 BC) where carvings on rocks depicting various animals, ships and linear shapes were discovered. Distance from Chora: 16 km W.

10. Ormos Korthiou (Korthi Cove)

It is a picturesque coastal village with a long beach and beautiful houses, widely known for its lively fairs. Distance from Chora: 21 km SE.

Quick must see – Ypsili Archaeological site. There are ruins of a settlement dating back to the Geometric period (10th-8th c. BC), a citadel (acropolis) and a megaron-shaped archaic temple (6th c. BC), dedicated to Demeter (the ancient Greek goddess of farming) and her daughter Persephone (or Kore).

Activities in Andros

1. Swimming at the beaches of Lopesi, Chrysi Ammos, Kato Agios Petros, Kypri, Fellos, Kourtali, Pisolimnionas, Agios Sostis, Kaminaki, Vlychada, Selienitis, Megali Peza, and Mikri Peza.

2. Follow the impressive route along the northwest coast, starting at Gavrio, crossing the bays and beaches of Fellos, Kourtali, Pisolimnionas, Agios Sostis bay, Kaminaki, Vlychada and the ruins of its tower, Selienitis, Mikri Peza and Megali Peza.

4. Dirt bike riding. For any extreme sport lovers it is a must. There are a lot of mountain paths in Andros that serve the purpose

Useful phone numbers in Andros

1. Municipal Office: 22823-60.200/220

2. Police station: 22820-22.300

3. Police station (Gavrio): 22820-71.220

4. Health Centre: 22823-60.000-1

5. Rural Medical Clinic (Gavrio): 22820-71.210

6. Rural Medical Clinic (Batsi): 22820-41.326

7. Port Authority: 22820-22.250

8. Taxi stand: 22820-22.171

Country code: +30

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What to visit in Andros island

1. Sariza spring area. The water is bottled and distributed throughout the country, as its quality is quite remarkable.

2. Zoodochos Pigi’s Monastery (Monastery of the Life Giving Fountain) in Kapsorachi location. Current monastery buildings were constructed in the 18th century. The monastery keeps the skull of Agios Tryfonas and other religious heritage items.

3. Agia Marina’s Monastery, 5.5 km S, overlooking Apoikia and Stenies.

4. Achla bay, with a lovely sandy beach (among the best ones on the island) and a small river estuary on its southern side.

5. Ano Gavrio village, offering a lovely view of Gavrio.

6. Lamyra, Ypsilou and Strapouries villages with beautiful dense vegetation, flowing waters and a spectacular view of Chora.

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